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3) What do demons possess, my spirit, soul or body?

A) Spirit

The goal of satan and his demons is to bind the spirit of man and to keep his spirit in darkness. If a person claims to have a strong spirit without relationship with Jesus they are deceived. Our spirit is dead in trespasses and sin until we accept the sacrifice for sin’s forgiveness. At the time of accepting Jesus and his sacrifice for sin we are made alive in spirit. Alive in spirit means that we are now receiving divine life (spiritual life) in our spirit. God achieves this by sending His Holy Spirit to live in our spirit. It is through His Spirit that we receive spiritual life for our spirit, soul and body. If satan binds man’s spirit, he also is stopping God’s Spirit from moving in and through our life.

Before this experience we can only be moved by a dead spirit (a spirit that is separated from God) through demonic power. There is no divine life that is released to our human spirit because it is dead. This leaves us open to demonic activity. The unsaved person is not totally helpless against satan’s attacks. Moral beliefs and an unwillingness to go against them are their only defense. While being moral does not pay our entry fees into the family of God it does provide a relatively stable human life.

The devil is ruthless and will not show himself until we are unable to resist him and his reign is supreme. Satan uses slow methodical deception as the game plan in order not to scare us away until he gets full control.

Can satan possess the human spirit? Definitely not the true Christians spirit (God's Spirit possess it). I do not know if satan can possess the unsaved spirit. I do know that as long as we believe that we don’t need Jesus and follow other religious avenues (mysticism, new age, Buddhism, etc) it really does not matter if he can or not.

B) Soul

This is the major area of possession. Satan attempts to gain real-estate in the soul as well as the body. This is the same for Christian and non Christian alike. Yes, Christians can be demon possessed. ROM 6:16 Do you not know that when you present yourselves to someone {as} slaves for obedience, you are slaves of the one whom you obey, either of sin resulting in death, or of obedience resulting in righteousness? Whether we are a Christian or not the law is the same. If we surrender to obey satan we become his servant. Binding in the soul will surely bind the spirit, for the spirit flows through the soul. False ideas and beliefs bind the mind and give demons real-estate in our mind. Hurt and bitterness bind our emotions. Unforgiveness binds our ability to trust, while sexual sins defile our body. Each and every sin gives satan possession of some part of our body and soul. He possesses it by actually being a resident, literally living in and possessing the area. Extremes in possession can cause mental diseases as well as causing us to act out unthinkable acts of cruelty and violence.

This is why after becoming a Christian we are told to work out our salvation to the saving of our souls. The soul is the battle ground that we are fighting for. While our spirit is saved, our soul is subject to whatever we allow.

C) Body

Our body is at the mercy of what we allow to rule. If sin is ruling in our body, then there will be evidence of it. Sickness, disease, and various personality disorders are some of the things that will be exhibited. That’s not to say all bodily illness is from possession, but when satan has control his influence shows up in the soul or the body.

Since the soul is dominant over the body, the soul is responsible for any afflictions present in our bodies. When the soul chooses not to allow a sin to get a hold, it creates a barrier to sin as well as the devil. However using sheer willpower is not the way a Christian overcomes sin.


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