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1) What is salvation?

2) Why, if it is becoming a child of God, is it called salvation?

3) How do I know when I am saved?

4) What if I have a strong spirit now? Do I still need to believe in Jesus?

5) Prayer for salvation

6) Salvation and deliverance




1) Battle vs. deliverance 

    A) First test: Prove you are the Son of God

    B) Second test: What authority do you possess as Son of God

    C) Third test: Worship me in order to receive power and authority

2) How do demons gain access into man?

    A) Through Sin

    B) Through generational ties

    C) Soul ties

    D) Listening and adhering to lies

        a) How do I know that I have truth?

        b) What if I have an unbelieving mind that is not coming to real truth?

3) What do demons possess, my spirit, soul, or body?

    A) Spirit

    B) Soul

    C) Body

4) Way of deliverance

    A) Obedience

    B) Fellowship and prayer

    C) Confession

    D) Warfare

5) Serious possession

6) Some deceptions


     Online Deliverance

    A) Are you saved?

    B) Why do demons return after being cast out?

    C) Are you in fellowship?

    D) Don't make promises you don't intend to keep

    E) Confess your sins

        Deliverance prayer

7) What to do next

    A) Praise God for His deliverance

    B) Daily spend time in prayer and reading

    C) Stay active in faith

    D) Don't allow that sin to reign

    E) Do not be discouraged if people don't believe you

8) Some concerns about casting out of demons

    A) Cast them out when the opportunity arises

    B) Dramatics are not necessary in casting out demons

    C) Don't think bad about your Christian brothers or sisters who are bound 




Faith's role in healing

    1) What is faith

    2) How to use our faith for healing

Steps to take in order to be healed   

    1) What does scripture say about healing?

    2) What do I believe about healing?

    3) God is able!

    4) God is willing

    5) Confess, confess, confess!

    6) Cast down every thought that isn't of God

    7) Stay clear of doubt and unbelief

    8) Fellowship with people of faith

    9) Do not look at the physical symptoms as the reality

    10) Expect God to release life through His Spirit in you

    11) Lay your hands on yourself

    12) Never give up, never surrender!

Other things we should know about healing

    1) How to minister to an unconscious person

    2) What to do if a loved one is on their death bed

    3) What if my child is sick

    4) Why am I not healed?

    5) Demonic possession and healing


Spirit Anointing 


The Spirit-In-You vs. the Spirit-On-You

    Why the Spirit-in-you?

        1) Salvation

        2) Adoption as a Son

        3) Eternal life

        4) Power over sin and satan

        5) Maturity

     Why the Spirit-on-you?

        1) One baptism

        2) The Spirit-on-us

        3) Power to minister in the gifts

        4) Ability to know what we are called to and thus know   our place in the body

        Gifts of the Spirit

        1) Prophesy

        2) Discernment of spirits

        3) Gifts of healing

        4) Gift of faith

        5) Word of knowledge

        6) Word of wisdom

        7) Workers of miracles (power)

        8) Various tongues and interpretation of tongues

            A) Is tongues the only evidence of Spirit anointing?

            B) Various tongues

    Major problems concerning the gifted in the Church today 

        1) When to speak out and how

        2) Submit to leadership or God?

        3) Problems of deception

        4) Conflicts of jealousy

        5) When to leave a Church to avoid conflict

        6) Dealing with doubt and unbelief of others

        7) Last words on the Spirit-on-us


Spiritual authority


Authority & Power

What is the relationship between power and authority

Worldly authority

Spiritual authority

How is spiritual authority acquired?

    1) By becoming a Christian

    2) By the Holy Spirit's gifts

    3) By calling 

    4) By position

    Paradox of positional authority 

Authority over a gift, a truth, an office or a geographical area

   1) Gift

    2) Truth

    3) Office

    4) Geographical area

Abuse of authority

Money and authority

Five ways authorities use to control others

    1) By manipulation

    2) Shutting down others by manipulating their spirit

    3) Straightening out others by verbal rebuke

    4) Isolating others by bad mouthing them

    5) Prophesying doom over those who will not do what we want

Are we to push our authority forward?

Last words on spiritual authority


The Ultimate Purpose of God



1) God reveals His plan in Adam

2) The creation of Eve and the ultimate purpose.

3) The Bride of Christ

    A) The bride in the Old Testament

    B) The bride in the New Testament

    C) What is the bride of the Lamb?

4) God’s called ones through the ages.

    A) First dispensation (Innocence)

    B) Second dispensation (Law)

    C) Third dispensation (Grace)

    D) Fourth dispensation (Millennial Reign)

5) The Church age connection to the Bride

6) The Bride of the Lamb

7) A look at the New Jerusalem

8) Sons of God


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