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The most fundamental aspect of both a prophet and the apostle is their authority to accomplish the job that God has given them. These offices are all about God’s authority in and over the world. These titles are not so that they can be puffed up and arrogant but so that Christians may be fully operating in the supernatural to such a degree people would know that God exists and requires their obedience. While we have already addressed spiritual authority under the section “spirit authority” we must again look at spiritual authority, as it relates to those in the highest offices of the church and world. This section will be quite exhaustive with its intent and dealings because of the misuse and misunderstanding that exist within the Church of Christ. The goal of this section will be to plot a path for the church into the greatest outpouring of God in history as well as document what has hindered the church in the past and why God’s outpourings are spotty at best.


If we are bogged down in tradition and unwilling to consider that what we have believed and have been taught may be incorrect we will struggle with this whole concept of authority, and how God intends it to be played out in real life. We must be open to the truth, the whole truth, and not just what we consider to be true. There have been many people and organizations that have promoted the extreme with regards to submission to authority.  Those within this camp will be repelled by what I’m writing and declare it heresy. I hope that they will at least go to the scriptures and investigate for themselves before dismissing the concepts.

We will see how extremes in our understanding especially on the topic of submission to authority are used by satan to bind up the church and hinder us from reaching the world for Jesus. Every living person has authority. Regardless of the amount of authority any one person has, their authority has limits. Stepping on other peoples authority is probably the single most offensive action the church does. When a member of a local body disregards a leader’s authority they are often labeled rebellious but leaders can trample the members’ authority all day long and believe they are righteous for doing so. We must begin to rightfully exercise our authority so that we may be able to stop satan from his intended plan of controlling the whole world. While this is ultimately unavoidable we have the power to postpone him from taking full control of the world now to some later date. All power in heaven and earth has been given to Jesus and Jesus has given us the authority to operate in this power and in His name. So let us rule and reign over our enemy.