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Other things we should know about healing

1) How to minister to an unconscious person

When people are in a coma and have no physical injury that prevents them from awaking or is in a coma that is not brain injury related, the issue is a weak or absent spirit.Many times a person's spirit can be so weak that it isn't able to operate their body. In such cases we must be able to discern the spirit of the one who is in a coma.Even though the person may not be able to speak verbally they are able to speak to us spiritually. Communication with unconscious people happens in the spirit but sounds like normal language, it just happens without the aid of our mouth.We can even discern their presence as soon as we enter the room.. Just because they can not move their body doesn't mean that their spirit is unable to move around the room. What these people need is grace to be released into their inner man. The transfer of spiritual power happens automatically. We should allow the unconscious to draw every bit of power that we have in reserve, for in so doing we are strengthening their spirit and preventing a prolonged coma time and death. PRO 18:14 The spirit of a man can endure his sickness, But a broken spirit who can bear?

Today, it is not uncommon for the body to be on life support long after the spirit has left. Man's spirit gives life to the body and when the spirit leaves the man dies if the body is not artificially kept alive. In cases such as these we must be sure that the person's spirit has departed for eternity before removing from life support. It may even be possible to reunite the body with the spirit that has left, but this is just conjecture that is based on Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.

2) What to do if a loved one is on their death bed

We should try and incorporate as much of the previous twelve steps as possible in the life of those who are sick. If the person is a Christian and is cooperative to follow the instructions, then work with them toward building up their faith. We should understand that it is up to the person who is sick to desire to live and get well. Our desire is not enough.

The very first mistake that family members make when confronted with a life or death situation is to grieve. Grief grabs a hold on those around the sick and hinders faith in it's various forms. Grief is the emotional response to a great loss. We must understand that while the person lives we have lost nothing and it is not time to grieve, it is time to war. We are to war for divine restoration and the preserving of life. It is impossible to do this while we are grieving.

It will take great strength to push grief out of our lives, but it is necessary. There will be plenty of time to grieve later but right now do not allow it to take advantage of us. We must counter this spirit of doubt and unbelief, that is represented by grief, by confessing God's promises and declaring His praise. Every little temptation to grieve must be instantly countered by confession and praise. We must not even grieve when we are home alone or in private. Spiritual principles are just that, spiritual. Distance does not stop spirit from affecting people or situations, therefore we must be diligent to stand strong and in faith. If we refuse to combat grief, we are defeated before we even start. This can not be overstated.

Once grief has been dealt with then we must provide materials that will help in teaching and strengthening the faith of the sick. These can be in the form of tapes, videos or books. We should also seek out people who have been used in getting people healed and have a gift of healing. If there are no known people in the area where we live then consider taking a trip to an area where there is a healing ministry. We must contact the ministry before traveling and find out what they require if anything and if they provide living arrangements. In many cases traveling will not be practical, but those who can should consider it. If we choose to travel and can stay an extended period of time we should not rush back home at the first sign of returned health. It is not uncommon for satan to attack us after several weeks of health only to have us cave into doubt and unbelief and have sickness return. We must not let down our guard after being healed but continue to build up our faith.

3) What if my child is sick

If we understand authority the way God intends it, (not the religious church) then we will have little trouble keeping our children healthy or getting them healed. As a parent (especially a father) we are entrusted with the task of protecting our children. If we are spiritually responsible parents then we already know how the spirit operates in protecting those under our authority. God will warn or put a heavy spirit on us when things are wrong, giving us an opportunity to pray for protection and the welfare of our children and spouse. If they should become sick, we are able to exercise our own faith in their behalf and they will be healed. If we falter with our own faith concerning divine healing then we must realize that it will affect our family. Daily we must stand in faith for the welfare of our loved ones. If our faith is weak then we must strengthen it for the welfare of our household. Living in the spirit requires diligence to the spiritual principles.


We should be teaching our children how to get themselves and others healed. If we are training them to listen to God and the leading of the Holy Spirit then they will walk in spiritual authority. They will be warned by God when they are facing a situation that would be dangerous to them. They should be able to know when people intend to harm them or when satan has set a trap to take their life. As Christians we have great power available to us that we know very little about. We parents should also know when demon possessed people are intending to kill us or break into our houses. We should be able to sense the warnings of God as well as the traps of the devil. If we are living a religious life void of the spirit then these things are foreign to us and we do not have the ability to flow with them. If our lives are empty of the spirit then we must return to the beginning and address our salvation and willingness to follow God. We need to understand that we are lost and have been deceived into following a religion rather than the Living God.

4) Why am I not healed?

While immature faith is probably the leading cause for the lack of healing there can be other reasons. We must not think that we can be living in unforgiveness and be able to receive all that we need from God. Scripture states in many places and many ways the damage we do to ourselves by not forgiving those who wronged us. If we do not forgive neither will we be forgiven according to Mark 11:26. If our sins are not cleansed because of our unforgiveness then we stop God's grace and hinder the work of grace. When sin accumulates, it weakens us spiritually and we lose the ability to fight off sickness. Sin also separates us from the body which hinders us from receiving the grace we need from others. It is therefore important to repent and forgive those who have wounded us. We must not allow sin to get between us and God so that we can receive His mercy and grace.

Not discerning the body of Christ correctly is another reason for not receiving healing and may also result in death. 1CO 11:27 Therefore whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner, shall be guilty of the body and the blood of the Lord. 11:28 But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of the bread and drink of the cup. 11:29 For he who eats and drinks, eats and drinks judgment to himself, if he does not judge the body rightly. 11:30 For this reason many among you are weak and sick, and a number sleep.

What does it mean to not rightly judge the body? In 1 CO 11:27-30. Fellow Christians are considered part of the body and all Christians are the complete body of Jesus. If we misjudge others in the body, not only are we separating ourselves from the grace that the whole body partakes of, but we end up sinning against the body. We may not respect or even like someone in the body but we must realize that they are part of the whole. We do not have the right to hate  them and treat them as outsiders. If the hand cannot separate itself from the body what makes us think that the foot has the right to separate the hand from the body? We must embrace the whole body for us all to be healthy. Every member has a purpose and a reason for existing. When we start limiting what the body looks like and we chop off a member for no reason, we may actually be eliminating the very part that we will need. Run those who have gifts of healing out of the church and who will you call when you are on your death bed? If we refuse to believe the truth or we reject members of the body we may find that we will become "weak and sick, and a number sleep" because of it.

If we fail to rightly judge the word we will surely not believe the right things which will prevent us from accessing all God has for us. If we only worship a dead religion then we have no idea of the workings of God's spirit which will prevent us from benefiting from God's power. False understandings and inaccurate thinking leaves us separated from spiritual life in these areas. Without the ability to receive spiritual life we are at the mercy of every sickness, disease, and evil spirit. When we believe correctly not only do we hear God's voice but understand the principles that God set forth for our benefit. The more of God's word and principles that we understand the harder it is for sickness and satan to affect us. Deception will hinder us from receiving the life of God.

5) Demonic possession and healing

Physical problems may not originate from the physical world but from the spiritual. Whenever satan gains ground in our lives it will always be manifested by some physical, mental, or emotional incongruity. It may not be evident to those who lack discernment that the problem is spiritual not physical. For every problem that we face in life, the best remedy is an active, living and fully functioning Christian body. God has provided through the Church every spiritual gift that will ever be needed by mankind. We have yet to come to the place where every person moves in their gifting and calling and so we suffer for it. We should never assume that any sickness is a physical problem until we have ruled out a demonic cause. For more information see the section on deliverance.


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