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5) Confess, confess, confess!

Once we settle the questions of God 's will and get into a place where God is able to heal us, we must start to confess the truth. We must not underestimate the importance of this. We know it is God's will to heal us and we accept it, which enables God to work for us. God however will not override our free will. If we are at times strong in faith, then other times warring through doubt and unbelief then we are not there yet. When doubts arise the devil is attempting to knock us off our faith stand. He knows if we abandon our stand he wins and sickness will not leave. If we continue to fight the doubts by confessing the truth, we will eventually come to the place where we receive the very thing that we want. Remember faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word.

The more we confess God's word and apply it to ourselves the greater faith we will have. It is important that we receive each and every word that we confess as something that applies directly to us. We are the children of God and He has provided healing through the death of Jesus. We need to own these facts for ourselves.

An example of a confession is: I am a child of God. There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. I am in Christ Jesus and I am not under condemnation. By Jesus' strips I have been healed. It is God's will to heal every sickness and disease because Jesus healed all who were sick and Jesus only did what the Father willed to be done. My healing is God's will.

It is in this battle that there may be demonic assaults against us. The symptoms of the illness may grow more intense as we battle or just after we are done. Do not retreat in fear, it is only an attack of satan. Stand your ground and believe. Even if it doesn't subside. Just declare that regardless of what it feels like or looks like, the truth is eternal and that satan is a liar. The devil was a liar from the beginning and there is no truth in him. Therefore we must not submit to his tricks.

6) Cast down every thought that isn't of God

There are other attacks that satan will launch at us. He is fond of using thoughts in our mind that appear to be our thoughts. This is difficult to overcome at first because of the idea that "they must be my thoughts." We must never own the thoughts that plague our minds. Unless we are actively contemplating the idea and have  initiated them ourselves, they may not be our thoughts. Even this can be a deception. Satan may interject a thought that we pick up and begin to consider as our own. Satan's goal is to get us to accept a lie as truth. When we accept a lie as truth we shut the door to God and His supernatural ability. If we believe God is able to heal but we are not worthy or deserving of healing, then we just set our will against God's will. God will not force us to accept His will but will respect our free will.

It is common for satan to tell us constantly that we are going to die or be killed. He would like nothing more then to eliminate us from the earth. He will also make us fear that every symptom of sickness that we experience is an indication that we are going to become increasingly more ill or maybe even die. This is a war that we must not neglect. 2CO 10:4 for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses. 10:5 We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, If we ever hear yelling inside our minds or uncontrollable voices, that is evidence that we are possessed by demons and have a need for deliverance.

The most common ideas that will come to our minds are thoughts that what we are doing is not helping or doing any good. If the casting down of thoughts is new to us we must not think that we are going to make ground the very first time we do it. Just like most things in life we may not see much improvement for a while, but we need to believe that it is working. If we are diligent to continue to daily stand on God's word and spend time in prayer we will start seeing victory before long.

7) Stay clear of doubt and unbelief

When we are struggling to lay hold of faith we are vulnerable to people's unbelief. Many people and churches say they believe in God's ability to heal but seldom if ever see God heal anyone. They neither know God's principles of healing nor His power to heal. It is because of their ignorance that they are filled with doubt and unbelief. The evidence of those in doubt and unbelief is found in their words. They will oppose our faith as foolish and tell us that we are believing in vain. They will tell us that the sickness will extend for months or even years, because that was their experience or that of someone that they know. They may even tell us that they have prayed for days or years about a sickness yet had to endure the sickness before being healed by doctors, or the normal length of time for the sickness to be naturally healed. Faith believes in the unseen and speaks about that which is humanly impossible. Restrict the amount of access and time these people have and do not allow them to speak words of doubt and unbelief over you. Do not hesitate to verbally say, "I do not believe that" or "that will not happen to me," when they speak death to you. Do not get into an argument with them. Just do not surrender to their ignorance. Appoint a person to screen those that are allowed to visit. We should not be afraid to keep ministers away from us if they are not helping our faith but hurting it. Positions in a church do not grant people special powers to minister. People in authority should display supernatural abilities and power before being appointed to a place of leadership in a church.

Spiritual thieves can kill us when we are weak. What is a spiritual thief? Spiritual thieves are those who are Christian but are not doing what they are suppose to do. I call them spiritual black holes (an intense absence of grace that devours any grace that it comes in contact with). When we abandon our relationship with God and just exist, we become a spiritual thief. The principle of the body comes into play and we are robbed of spiritual power by those who are spiritually bankrupt. This is what is stated in scripture, 1CO 12:26 And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it. We can not remove ourselves from the body. So our spiritual life is given to those who need it without us willing it to be given. We are not able to afford this when we are fighting for our lives so we must insist on our privacy when there is a sensing of spiritual drain. We should also insist that these people not be permitted to pray over us or visit until we have recovered.

Concerning the spiritually bankrupt, we must not completely reject these people for we were in a similar place at one time or another without our knowledge. As we mature the realization of giving our life for our brother will begin to take on new meaning. It is not our physical life that we will give but the spiritual life that we have labored for that we give. It must also be understood that it is not just the weak or immature that we give to, but whenever there is an imbalance of grace the one who has more gives to the one who has less. This is life in the spirit. We should understand it and give freely to those who have need.

8) Fellowship with people of faith

This is the converse of the last topic. We should have those who are faith filled come and pray over us and worship with us. In doing this we receive grace into our spirits that is able to strengthen us and help us to stand in faith for healing. We may even receive a spiritual healing through the gift of healing during a visit. The same principle that was addressed in the last section about being part of the body comes into play. When we have a need we can receive from others the life and power that is needed for our restoration. The problem that currently exists is that the body is not allowed to exercise their gifts or come into their calling. This retards the growth of all of the body. It is time that we stop trying to control the body and allow it to grow as God intends.

9) Do not look at the physical symptoms as the reality

We must not look at the physical as the ultimate reality because it is not. When Jesus was told about Lazarus, he knew that Lazarus was to die. Jesus however did not confess that Lazarus was going to die but just fall asleep. So all that Jesus would have to do is awake him. Those around Jesus were so misinformed that they thought that sleep would cure him. Jesus was forced to state that Lazarus was going to die. Four days after Lazarus' death Jesus shows up and all are disappointed that He delayed in coming for it was now too late. Those who focus on the world and the flesh see time as an enemy as did those who feared nothing could be done now. Jesus still declares that, "I am the way, the truth, and the life." Jesus is the way, there is no other way for us to go. Jesus is the truth, there is no lie in him. Jesus is the life, any life that exists, exists in him. If we follow Jesus we cannot go wrong even if it appears too late. Was it too late for Lazarus? He was dead for four days! Too late? Absolutely not!

Faith is always tested as to its authenticity. It is not a test if it is over quickly. When it lingers on and brings us to what appears to be the end (the place of where it is too late) and we continue to stand, that is proof of a true faith. God usually waits until it appears too late before delivering us so that our faith is adequately tested.. Should this be our experience, we must not give up. Others may say that if we were standing in faith we would have been healed already. There is some truth in this statement but many things can hinder receiving a healing which may not be our fault. There is only one thing to do, that is continue to stand in faith.

10) Expect God to release life through His Spirit in you

ROM 8:11 But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who indwells you. We must be conscious of the fact that God's spirit lives in us. The very Spirit that had the power to raise Jesus from the dead. If the Spirit could give enough life to Jesus to raise Him from death then the Spirit has more than enough power to heal our bodies. This life giving Spirit dwells inside of us. The Romans verse above states that He "will also give life to our mortal bodies." God is not holding back healing for our bodies but has provided it through his Spirit that lives in us. Ask that life be released through His spirit in us. See it being released and declare that it is being released. Declare that the sickness is being replaced by God's life and that it can not hinder God's life. This life is not only displacing sickness but flowing from the Spirit out from our bodies to the world around us.

11) Lay your hands on yourself

We have authority to lay our hands on the sick and see them healed. Why not lay our hands on our self and demand healing to our own bodies? The hands tend to be the instruments of imparting grace and power. Why should we limit them from imparting into us? The gifts and God's grace is not only for others but also for our own welfare. So we should place our hands on the area of sickness and pray for healing. Some will be surprised at how affective this is, if they have never tried it before.

12) Never give up, never surrender!

While this statement is taken from a Tim Allen movie it is fitting for people of faith. We should never give in to satan and his evil schemes. There are times in the midst of the war that we tire and want to give up but this is not an option. If we chose to give up we will suffer for it. It may take years before we are restored to the place where we had given up. If we give up in the fight for our lives then we will die. While dying is not the worst thing that can happen to us we may leave others behind with nagging questions that they may never be able to get beyond. When a person dies that seemingly had stood in faith, we should rejoice in the fact that they fought the good fight of faith. We should not agree with satan that it was God's will but declare that even though they died they stood against death (which is an enemy that is not defeated yet). We can state as Paul did while we only look in a dark mirror there is a day coming that we will know even as we are fully known. What more can we do then to stand in faith up to the very end of our lives?


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