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1) What is salvation?

Salvation is literally becoming a child of God by birth. Just as we became children of our natural parents by birth we need to become children of God by a spiritual birth. At the time of salvation we are transferred from satan’s kingdom into God's kingdom. We are also given the Holy Spirit which lives inside our spirit which births us as children of God. Spiritual birth was provided through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

2) Why, if it is becoming a child of God, is it called salvation?

Our human parents are descendants of the first man and women living on earth. This man and woman were named Adam and Eve. They were created in the image of God. Their spirits were ruling their existence until they disobeyed God, at which time they spiritually died. This left their baser instincts (soul and body) to rule their lives. Not only did they die spiritually but by their disobedience to God they gave satan the right to rule over them. Satan’s kingdom then encompassed the whole world and all of mankind. In order for man to be brought back into unity with God, someone would have to pay the price for Adams rebellion. Adam broke the law and someone had to go before the courts of heaven and pay the penalty. Jesus’ death was the price that needed to be paid for the penalty of Adams’ transgression. Jesus’ death freed mankind from a dead spirit (inherited from Adam) and satan’s rule. So by accepting Jesus and his sacrifice, believing that Jesus is the son of God and that he paid the price for our sin, we are birthed as a child of God; and He is now the Lord of our life. Thus saving us from satan and a dead spirit.

3) How do I know when I am saved?

Newness characterizes the person who enters salvation. When there is a transfer from a dead spirit to a living one our life begins to change. The new spirit along with God=s spirit will show us that the life we were living led to only harm and destruction. We will find that the more we do what God wants us to do, the more joy and peace we will have in our life. We may feel as if a great weight was lifted off of us, or we may feel nothing at all. Salvation is a drastic change in one's life. Salvation could be likened to the fresh painting of the inside of our house. Not with the same color but a drastic change of colors. Much like if we left all our furniture in the same place and painted the room black (from white) what a shock the color would be! It would be evident to anyone who knows us and many who don’t know us. It is just this drastic of a change that takes place at salvation as though we are going from black to white. Our transformation may be less evident to us than it may be to others. The reason for this is that all or at least most of our furniture is still in the same place (our personality is intact). But to others they can only see the color change, and it is overwhelming.

4) What if I have a strong spirit now? Do I still need to believe in Jesus?

A strong spirit is no measure of our right standing with God. Satan is a fallen angel and as such he knows the laws that govern spiritual things. Some spiritual laws work for Christians and non Christians alike. Satan does not want children, he wants slaves. He accomplishes this by getting people to turn themselves over to a "higher power.” You empty your mind and will  and receive his demons. Demons are spiritual beings that are subject to satan. They can live in people or just hover around them. They speak to people’s minds; many refer to them as the voices in their heads. They are able to bring knowledge of the spiritual, even telling you about other people’s secrets (Psychics). Some even deceptively are called healing spirits. They carry power and try to control non-Christians and true Christians. Therefore any spiritual power that a person possesses that is not through Jesus comes from the devil himself. It is common for satan to portray himself as a messenger of God in order to deceive mankind. A spiritual Christian has power over any demon spirit who is operating in a person, and the Christian has authority to cast out these spirits.

5) Prayer for salvation

Pray this prayer

Father I believe that you sent Jesus, your son, to earth to die for my sins and that on the third day You raised him from the dead. Jesus, I ask you to come and wash me of my sin and be my Lord and Savior. Change my heart and renew my life and come live within me by your holy spirit.

I also ask that you would heal me of insert your needs and deliver me from demonic oppression. AMEN

6) Salvation and Deliverance

Man is under the influence of satan (satan is their ruler) until the time they enter salvation. This does not suggest that all satanic influence is automatically removed at the time of salvation. Salvation transports us from the kingdom of satan to the kingdom of God. We are now children and heirs of God Himself. Satan has lost all rights and claims to our lives, physically, mentally, spiritually. Now as a squatter in Gods= property satan holds on to any influence he can through deception and lies.

We can liken salvation to a destitute person. A person without home, job, food, or clothing. In an instant they are adopted into a family of wealthy people who live in opulence. The person is received into the  new family and is clothed, fed, healed and given a house and all the resources he needs. The problem is that he still will have this picture of himself as the person without home and in want. He may not clean himself or care for his needs because of the only life he has known is one of lack. Satan keeps us in his control by convincing us that we are still that beggar living on the streets. This is not true! We are now children of the King and as children, heirs of God. We have what we need which is all provided by God. The question is, will we take advantage of all He gave us?

Deliverance drives out the squatters that keep us from fully entering and enjoying our new found life. What are these squatters? Unclean spirits of insanity, self destruction, murder, strife, hate, lust, false religions, homosexuality, sickness and disease and the like.

So while salvation moves us into a new life, deliverance frees us from old habits and sins that satan still uses to keep us under his limited control.



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