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5) Serious possession

This kind of possession is the extreme and self deliverance is not possible. It is evidenced by total control of the person by the evil spirit (or spirits). When I say total control, it need not be at all times (24 hours a day 7 days a week but it can be). When the spirit is aroused it controls its host without any resistance. These spirits will make us do things that we may never consider doing in ourselves. It can range from stealing to murder. In this degree of possession the spirit manifests and drives us to the act. There is no peace until we comply with the demands. There may even be genuine remorse after the act is done. This kind of possession needs outside help. We need to seek out someone who can drive out the evil spirit.

There may even be denial on the part of the person so possessed. They can be deceived to think that there is not a problem with them and be very convincing that they are in control. Evil spirits will draw into their host when there is fear of being cast out or manifest in a violent rage if there is a hope of escape. They can manifest at any time or in any place, but they usually will stay hidden when there is fear of being uncovered. This kind of possession does not happen to only those that are poor or uneducated but includes very wealthy and successful people.

A lesser but just as serious degree of possession is when there are demons present but they do not have the power to control their host until they get high on drugs or alcohol. Demons will seize control whenever possible and to their advantage. When high or drunk the demons will exercise their control and the subsequent acts are attributed to the high and not the real source the devil.

6) Some deceptions

There are two extremes which we should attempt to avoid, which is either attributing too much power or not enough power to satan. While satan has been defeated and his rightful control over the earth and its inhabitants has been removed, he still remains a force which needs to be reckoned with. There are many Christians that are terrified of satan and refuse to war against him. This stance leaves those that adopt it impotent against any attacks that come their way. Conversely, when we do not attribute enough power to satan we walk without any consideration of the consequences of our actions. We may openly sin and think because Jesus died for all our sins this removes us from any need to resist sinning. We may even be tempted to test God by putting ourselves in dangerous situations on purpose, thinking that God will protect us. Many people blame God for the results of their own sin. Remember that satan gains access into our life when we sin and if he can kill us, he will.

Satan will use our soulish feelings to destroy our lives if we let him. The world today places feelings as the highest virtue, and satan is destroying countries because of it. Commitment and truth have taken the back seat to our feelings. We falsely think that the incredible sensation that we get from someone other than our spouse is true love. When we feel outraged at some tragedy on the evening news, we demand the government to get more control not realizing that more control means less freedom. When we are offended by something someone says to us we want to lash out and destroy them instead of asking the hard question, "Are they right?” The soul is the main arena of warfare with the devil and unless we acknowledge this, we will be constantly losing battles. Many even adjust their thinking to get in line with their feelings. How foolish.

The mind being part of the soul is also attacked constantly. With television and the Internet so available we are constantly being reprogrammed to accept the beliefs of others. Over the past few years homosexual rights and their acceptance has been pushed by every media avenue. If we want to watch television, we have to accept vulgar language as well as the constant barrage of sexuality. We no longer believe that the individual should be held responsible for their actions. We even go to the extreme by giving animals equal or greater rights than people. Each of these beliefs and thousands more are being promoted by satan through unsuspecting individuals.


Online deliverance

A) Are you saved?

While deliverance will benefit the unsaved it may not be a permanent fix if the host is not born anew. Even if the host is a born again Christian there is no guarantee that once the devil is ejected that it will not come back. The only one with any chance of remaining free from the harassment of evil spirits is the Christian that is actively growing and obeying the will of God. It is of utmost importance that if we want to remain free that we enter Salvation with the intention of remaining and following everything God tells us to do.

B) Why do demons return after being cast out?

The scriptures are clear on this subject: MAT 12:43-45 "Now when the unclean spirit goes out of a man, it passes through waterless places, seeking rest, and does not find {it.}”Then it says, 'I will return to my house from which I came'; and when it comes, it finds it unoccupied, swept, and put in order. "Then it goes, and takes along with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there; and the last state of that man becomes worse than the first. That is the way it will also be with this evil generation." The spirit finds the place unoccupied, so it decides to reoccupy his former dwelling.

How do we prevent the demons from coming back? We need to fill the area with the Holy Spirit and our spirit. The Holy Spirit operates through our spirit and unless they both take up possession of the freed area we will find ourselves back in bondage in short order. That is why it is imperative that if you are not saved, that you follow the Salvation section and come into the greatest gift to mankind. If you are saved, you cannot afford to be worldly or carnal. You need to get down to business with the Father and begin to cast off those things, and follow God with all your heart.

The Holy Spirit lives within our spirit and has access to our soul and body through our spirit. As we grow in spirit (that is our spirit) and faith; the residence of God's Holy Spirit is enlarged, therefore, we possess more power and divine life. This power and divine life is what is available to us and others for divine healing and deliverance. With the increase in strength come more control over our lives (soul and body). If we are growing actively, we will be experiencing the increasing freedom from the demonic automatically, for self deliverance will take place. For most demonic problems self deliverance is the best. When we reach the strength that demons have to leave there will be less of the chance for them coming back.

The definition of self deliverance includes demons being cast out without any outside help and also the casting out of demons while in prayer with others. This does not include a purposed or planned deliverance session. The reason that I have included times when praying in groups is because when we grow and increase in strength, faith, and spirit - demons begin to lose their hold on our lives. As demons lose control, they become what I consider unstable. They are no longer entrenched in our souls and bodies and are hanging onto their once prized possession with very little success. They are like a thief that is using a rope to enter a third story window but is having great difficulty. Although the rope is attached to the house, the window is blocked in and provides no access. It is in prayer with others that there can be enough power to cut the rope and sever any hold the devil had over us. Many times no one has any knowledge of anything happening but the one completely released. At other times someone may have knowledge that they drove the demon away but will not know from whom.

There are times when a possessed person needs outside help and nothing they do will remedy the situation. Do not deceive yourself and think that you can handle an increasingly bad problem on your own. Get help before you do something that will destroy your life, your family’s life or your church’s life.

C) Are you in fellowship

There is power (or should be) when the church gathers together. Gathering together is for the encouragement and the building up of each individual member. It should be the green house for the Christian. When we gather together, each person with their varied gifting and reservoir of power should share what they have and receive what they need from others. It is in this giving and receiving that the body is intended to grow. All too often however the church meets and everyone is in need and has nothing to contribute. It is time for the body of Christ to arise to their destiny and begin being who we are intended to be. Every member is a minister of the gospel capable of casting out demons, healing the sick and preaching sermons. God’s plan for the church is not for "one man shows" but a fully functioning body. IT IS TIME, IT IS TIME, IT IS TIME!

D) Don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep

It is important that you do not play the game of making promises to God that you do not intent to keep. When faced with hard situations, people will sometimes pray prayers that promise one thing for something in return from God. This is a form of manipulation, and you don’t have to manipulate God. God is ready and willing to help you, and bring you to wholeness and healing. If you are a child of God, He has supplied all that you will ever need but you have to read the contract (the bible) in order to find out what and how to receive.

E) Confess your sins

It is imperative that we stay current with confession of our sins. If we are not taking the ground back from the devil and keeping it from his control when we sin, we cannot live in victory. Every sin gives up ground (giving satan control over a area of our life). The more ground satan controls in our lives the less free we are. See How demons gain access for further information.

For some you may never have gotten down to business with your current and past sins. A good exercise for new and desperate Christians is to take time and begin to confess systematically. What you do is pick your most troubling area, say sexual perversion or fornication and begin to recall the first time you did something that was not proper and repent from it. Continue until you have covered all that you can recall, don’t worry about sins you miss; you can repent from them as God brings them to your memory. This should not be rushed and don’t feel over whelmed by the sheer volume of years and sins. This does not have to be finished in any set amount of time. Being diligent to get through is important. Don't allow satan to get you side tracked so that you abandon the process.

You may say that all your sin has been forgiven and there is no need to repent from them individually. You would be partially right. It is true that Jesus forgave all your sin when you came to Him. He removed the ultimate penalty for them which is hell and death. This, however, does not mean that we are automatically released from the temporary penalty for our past and current sin. We can sin and still go to heaven, but unless we respond with repentance we may not live a life free from satan’s influence. Remember the more we sin, the more ground he takes control over. The more control satan has over our lives the less we and God will have .If satan gets enough control we can be in jeopardy of being an apostate and having our names erased from the book of life (Revelation 3:5). Most of us are not battling for our eternal destiny (heaven or hell) but for our current spiritual welfare as well as the welfare of people around us. There will be some who have let sin so control them that they are once again close to being totally removed from the body of Christ. These are fighting for their ultimate as well as temporal destiny.

The beginning point for deliverance is a true and sincere repentance. So please take the time and repent from whatever area is giving you trouble. Be systematic and do as complete a job as possible, then go onto the prayer for deliverance and pray it out loud. Besides your salvation, freedom and deliverance is the highest priority God has for you.

Click on prayer or pray this prayer out loud

I break the power of satan over this child of God, and I command every demon and devil that is binding and holding them captive to release them. I forgive them of their sin and declare that satan, you can no longer use or hold them captive in these areas. I break every soul tie and generational sin that is causing them trouble and declare by the power and authority of God, freedom for the captive. Power is now being imputed and the anointing is breaking the yoke of bondage. I furthermore release them into the destiny of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit come and fill them to overflowing, causing the vacancy to be filled with your presence. Teach them how to walk in this world free from satan's influence. I thank you Jesus that you gave your life for the freedom of this child of God, and that they are saved, healed and delivered, Amen.


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