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We here at understand that many of you may need or want your charitable giving to be deductible on your taxes in order to reduce your overall tax bill. If we are "not for profit" we are muzzled by the government from commenting on those who choose to run for State, Local and Federal elections. Endorsing or speaking negatively about a candidate could cause us to run aground of the 501c3 taxes rules. 



We choose rather than sell our birthright (our freedom of speech) for a temporary benefit (the taxes we save) we would rather lose the donation of those of you who need the tax break. If you have read through this website you should understand that we do not believe that Christianity is just about what happens in American (or any other country’s) churches. Christianity is about changing people, towns, cities, states, countries and ultimately the world. This cannot be accomplished just spiritually. If we, as Christians, are not taking our beliefs to our jobs and putting in place those of us who are called to serve in governmental positions, then we are lost. 


We believe that this will be a growing trend among those that are now "not for profit." We must realize that regardless of our political affiliation, those that have ruled our country for the past thirty years (democrats as well as republicans) are leading us to a socialist society and a one world government. This is why we choose the freedom to speak out instead of the world’s god - money.