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2) How do demons gain access into man?

A) Through Sin

Demons gain access into our lives by our permission. What do I mean by our permission? When we sin (lie, lust, fornicate, etc) we unknowingly admitted demons into our lives. Sin is a invitation for satan to come and take refuge and begin to dominate us. ROM 6:16 Do you not know that when you present yourselves to someone {as} slaves for obedience, you are slaves of the one whom you obey, either of sin resulting in death, or of obedience resulting in righteousness?

Romans 6:16Tells us that if we surrender ourselves to sin we become slaves to that sin. Now the way we become slaves is that a demon actually possesses that area of our life and tries to increase the amount of control it has. If it cannot increase it’s influence it will be content on just maintaining what it has. An example that most men will understand is pornography. Pornography is a great plague on our land for it only takes a single surrender of indulgence to be bound by the demons behind it. If we indulge our flesh in viewing more pornographic materials we will soon find that we are unable to stop. Before long we will not be able to resist looking at women as sexual objects. Pornography will begin to play a greater and greater role in our life until it seems that it just about consumes all of our time. We may even act out of line with coworkers and friends. When these demons get full control, rape, incest or some other outward manifestations are unavoidable. The demons will drive us and hound us until we find the release in the act. We may even feel a great deal of shame after the act but are totally unable to stop ourselves. Most people think that sin is an offense to God which is why there are rules against sin. But if the truth be known, it is only for our benefit that we should not sin. We are the only one who will suffer, not God. God is trying to spare us the hurt, humiliation, and ramifications that such heinous acts bring. Sin has to do with death, and that is satan’s domain not God's. This illustration can be applied to any other bondage whether it is gossip, lying, thievery, murder, control, witchcraft or any false religion and many other things.

B) Through generational ties                 

Sin is not the only way that demons gain access into man. Generational sins are every bit as damaging as our own personal sin. Generational sins are the sins of our father and mother and their parents to the fourth generation. “EXO 34:7 ...who forgives iniquity, transgression and sin; yet He will by no means leave {the guilty} unpunished, visiting the iniquity of fathers on the children and on the grandchildren to the third and fourth generations."  In Christ we are given the ability to be free from sin which includes generational sin. What are generational sins? They are sins which our ancestors struggled with that we have inherited. An example could be anger and rage. If a parent has fits of rage, it is probable that some if not all the children will have to fight this same temptation. Alcoholism is another example of generational sins that run in families. Many children of alcoholics become an alcoholic. But it does not stop here. It could be demeaning woman, or dominating men, divorce, or depression, suicide, or a hundred other things that become generational sins. Any destructive thing that runs in a family is probably linked to a generational sin. Of course these are not within our control as to what generational sins bind us; however it is within our control to stop them with our generation.

C) Soul ties

Another way that demons can get control over us is through soul ties. A soul tie is when a friend has bondage in their life, and we enter into their sin. Most of us have experienced this many times but probably did not realize it. Say a friend of ours is deeply depressed, and we are in a good mood when we meet them. After spending time with them we part ways and may find ourselves depressed. We may even say to ourselves, “Why do I feel this way?” Not realizing that we entered into another person’s sin. This can happen with lust, anger, rebellion and many other things. Another good example would be through the music we listen to. Music that is depressing tends to get us depressed or if it is rowdy, we will exhibit a rowdy behavior. Many times this happens without the slightest conscious thought. Offense is another big soul tie. When a friend is seemingly wronged by another and we, through conversation, enter into that offense we may find ourselves angry at the offending party without cause.

D) Listening and adhering to lies

The devil can and will use preachers of lies to promote his kingdom. False religions were the main avenue that was used in the past. But with television and the Internet we have a vastly increasing demonic avenue which is much more dangerous than false religions. Information is the god of this generation and many are they that bow at the feet of it. People think that if man can only gain greater knowledge we will be able to solve all of the world’s ills as well as make the world a safer place. I’m not against knowledge, but it is not the highest virtue. There are many intelligent people who are murderers and rapist. How will more knowledge stop this? The real problem here is what our faith is in. Is it in knowledge, of which we will never have enough or in God who possesses all the knowledge as well as the power to use it?

There are also problems within the church with false preachers. Just because someone went to Bible College and is now an authority in the church, this does not make him God’s chosen nor anointed. King David was a young boy when he began to serve God, and he knew God’s faithfulness and power. David was intimate with God. When a nation of grown men were confronted by Goliath no one dared to step forward to defeat him. David was just a child. A child who knew his God. One who was willing to step out in faith and kill Goliath. David knew God better than all the "Authorities” that were present at this battle. Although it would take years before David was totally qualified as a true authority before God, evidence of his call was present in his youth.

In contrast to King David’s life, today we have people attending universities in order to become spiritual authorities. Most falsely think that knowledge of facts, abilities to speak, and carnal charisma are the virtues that make for a spiritual authority.They fall into this trap “in whose case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelieving, that they might not see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God 2CO 4:4.”

When we are convinced that a idea or philosophical position is true, which does not agree with what the scriptures teach, we are inevitably moving into satan’s realm. Satan will then use these ideas and beliefs to stop us from receiving God's truth. These false beliefs will be as a wall that repels the truth of God's word. Not only will this wall prevent the Spirit of truth from entering but also if you are truly born again it will prevent the Spirit in you from reaching out. This is a very hard place to realize that we are in, seeing that most people in this position are unaware that they are bound. Most people in this place think that they have ultimate truth and are unwilling to listen to any conflicting ideas. We must however be aware that if our beliefs are founded in the scripture and many people are opposed to them it doesn't mean we are wrong but maybe ahead of the curve. We must be conscience of the fact that there are lies being taught from the pulpit, through television, over the radio, in the news paper, in schools, and even in bible colleges. Anywhere that there is the transmission of ideas, there will be lies transmitted as well as truth. It would seem then that it is inevitable that we will be influenced by lies. The apostle Paul said, “We see in part and know in part.” I don’t know if it is possible to be totally free from deception, but I do know that Jesus’ sacrifice provided for our total freedom from bondage of every kind! Why do I say that I don’t know if we can be totally free from deception if Jesus paid the price for our freedom? Because, it would imply that we could be one hundred percent correct in our judgments and our beliefs. I don’t believe that any man with the exception of Jesus was and ever will be 100% correct. This does not mean that our goal is not to try and be 100% correct. We should be as accurate as possible because we are not of the father of lies but of the father of truth. This means work on our part. We need to know why we believe what we believe and not because someone else said so. This means that we need to spend time studying the scriptures in order to renew our mind and become acquainted with God’s thoughts.

Studying itself posses great problems. Many have and do spend their lives studying scripture but have not come to a true knowledge of it. This is either because they rely on their intellect to move them into what they perceive as truth or they don’t possess the bare minimum which is salvation and the Holy Spirit (the teacher of truth). JOH 16:13 "But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the  truth; .... Coming to the truth is more than just studying. It involves a dedication to God and a willingness to accept that we may be wrong. It also means that we listen to God when He rebukes and corrects us. When we have some truth, we don’t abandon it because everyone we know is calling it a lie. Realize that if we believe something no one else believes, it is risky. That does not mean we are wrong. We can’t expect everyone to accept it. Time is the factor that will train us if we are hearing from God or not. God has to train someone about truths before He can release them to the body as a whole. Humility is of the utmost importance when it comes to truth and especially new truth.

a) How do I know that I have truth?

Jesus said as recorded in JOHN 8:32 "and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. " If we are not becoming free spiritually by the things that we believe then either it is not true or we are not responding accurately to the truth. If we are just giving assent to some idea, it is not evidence of truth. We cannot just accept ideas and think that we have truth. Truth comes when we live and breathe the ideas. When we would rather suffer than not live in accordance with what we know to be true. Truth is not fully known until we begin to live it. When we see the power of God working because of a revelation we have attained, then we will understand the way to truth. Truth is never static; it is always active, powerful and working. As we acquire truth (real truth, experiential truth) we will begin to understand more ways that the truth relates to other truths. MAT 25:29 "For to everyone who has shall {more} be given, and he shall have an abundance; but from the one who does not have, even what he does have shall be taken away.” There will be someone who is not walking with God and thinks they are, who will justify themselves because of what I have written. These people will be evident to others for they will prophesy and it will not come to pass. They will be overly combatant. They will also try and manipulate others by warning that they need to listen to them because they are “Prophets of God”. Real prophets never have to manipulate because if they are hearing correctly it will come to pass. There will also be some who think that because they went to Bible College or may be a leader in some church that they are automatically in right standing with God and have a line on truth. These are evident because they will be proud and pompous. They want the spotlight to shine on them. Remember truth is active, powerful, and works. A person does not have to be important (having a place of authority in life) to have working, active and powerful truth. Position in life does not guarantee that we have position in God; this also applies to those who have positions in the church.

b) What if I have an unbelieving mind that is not coming to real truth?

The first question to ask is, am I saved and in possession of the Holy Spirit? If not, go to Salvation and follow it to the end. Then we need to ask ourselves, "Do I really want to know the truth, and am I willing to do whatever is required of me?" God requires us to die to our own desires, so that He may replace them with His desires for us. God’s desires are always better than our desires for ourselves. God also has a tendency to give us our desires as we follow His desires. I would say  that not having a true commitment to God is what keeps the majority of people bound by satan. Even as a marriage commitment means time spent with our spouse, so a commitment with God means time spent with Him. If we want to know a person, we need to spend time with them. It is the same with God.

If we have a true commitment to God, are we being obedient to the truth we have? Are we committing acts that we know are wrong? Are there things that we know we should be doing but are failing to do them? It is not in the scope of this section to deal with the sin problem except to ask, are we willingly and freely sinning? If so, then we need to address this problem.

One last big hindrance to coming to truth is to limit God and divide the scriptures into then and now? If God is not a liar and if He is not a respecter of persons then God will do for us what He does for others. The key to the workings of God is that we first need to believe that He does miracles, speaks to His people, anoints with the Holy Spirit and saves souls. We need to know through the scripture, the spiritual laws that cause God to move by His power. I believe that just as the physical world operates by physical laws so does the spiritual world operate by spiritual laws. When we understand the laws of aerodynamics we can make planes fly. When we are in agreement with the laws of God's divine power we will see people healed, delivered and raised from the dead.


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